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Investing thoughtfully where we see extraordinary potential and creating enduring value in partnership with portfolio company leadership.

Capital for Emerging Growth Businesses

ABS Capital provides growth equity capital to B2B software and tech-enabled services businesses with strong technology and data underpinnings looking to scale with the right partners. Building businesses has been our passion for 30 years. Over that time, we have invested in approximately 130 companies across eight funds.

Starting from a deep respect for what it takes to build a company, we bring our investing, operational, infrastructure, technology, and business development skills to support and amplify the success of growing businesses. We choose companies carefully, just as they choose us. We invest in them, advise them, and inspire them.

Is ABS a Fit for Your Business?

ABS seeks tech-enabled services businesses with compelling solutions who are keen to maximize the potential of their technology and data assets to capture greater market share and expand their offering. We pursue opportunities across the United States, focusing on founders in regions where private capital is often less accessible and where our longstanding relationships and active sourcing enable us to identify promising businesses. We invest in businesses looking for active engagement who value our guidance in building out infrastructure, implementing data strategies, and modernizing their processes to meaningfully accelerate growth.

ABS Capital invests in software and tech-enabled B2B businesses with the potential to be industry leaders in rapidly growing sectors where we have deep experience, understanding of critical trends, and a broad network of experts, including:

  • FinTech
  • Healthcare
  • Human Capital/EdTech
  • Data, Analytics & Intelligence
  • Security/Compliance
  • Smart Infrastructure

We invest primarily in software or tech-enabled services businesses, based in North America, with revenues between $5 – $50 million, strong year-over-year growth, and at or nearing profitable unit economics.

We look for businesses with large addressable markets where we can strategically amplify sales and marketing as well as institute efficiencies across corporate governance, operations, and human capital management. Our typical investments range from $10 – $25 million and may be either minority or majority ownership.

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Custom Blueprints to Accelerate Growth

We invest in Emerging Growth companies where we believe the flexible application of ABS Capital’s frameworks can amplify the potential and pace of growth. We actively engage with B2B software and tech-enabled services businesses to leverage and scale their technology and maximize the value of their data assets. We strive to increase operational efficiencies, broaden market reach, and accelerate sustainable growth.

Emerging growth businesses present exceptional opportunities for value creation. Yet, they often require market-tested insight and practical creativity to unlock their potential. All our investments are supported by time-tested frameworks spanning teams and governance, data-driven business strategy, technology acceleration, go-to-market strategy, and market expansion.

We flexibly apply ABS Capital’s value-creation frameworks to craft a custom growth blueprint for each company—to bring the distinct vision of founders and executive teams to fruition. We offer each of our partner companies a committed group of operating partners and executive advisors who have directly supported portfolio companies across our ecosystem.

Our greatest mutual successes are a result of open dialogue, a spirit of partnership, and active engagement in deploying our flexible, time-tested value creation frameworks.

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